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Lug Nut Set

JP ¥ 22000.00
store Onntat Japan
Part number MS212-00005
Maker Toyota

TRD Lug Nut Set

For vehicle with hub bolt M12 x P1.5, the wheel mounting nut seat is tapered seat, and the wheel diameter of the nut hole is 21 mm or more.

* It can not be installed on Toyota original wheels and the following TRD aluminum wheels.

  • 13 inch aluminum wheel set for Passo
  • TA1 wheel for Land Cruiser Prado (150 series)
  • Way Do wheel for Land Cruiser 100
  • Aluminum wheel "SF2" and "TF6" for 86 (ZN6) (screw pitch difference)

※ Do not use together with commercially available wheel spacers (for offset change) as fitting of the nut may be insufficient and dangerous.

Color : Black Chrome

Quantity : 1 set (20pcs lugs with TRD logo, 1pc Lug nut socket )